300 New Leads from the facebook fanpage system

The facebook fanpage system works incredibly well, or at least when you promote it it does.

So far this month from just two sources, my own fanpage system has added over 300 new leads onto my own list

Thats 300 people who have asked for more information on how to earn money from facebook.

Each one of those prospects is worth $45 dollars per month in residual commission to you each and every month.

Now, add into the bargain, that just for doing your daily core commitments, which are loving, commenting and sharing posts on the fanpage system pagem which is available in your back office.

For each love comment and share you get a combined total of 6 points.You need 80 over the course of a week

80 points in total qualifies you for a share of the referrals Pure Leverage gets from its own company advertising

At the time of writing this post I had just received another referral lead from the companies advertising efforts

The company fed referrals by default automatically go into your downline, thus growing your business.

All you need to do is follow up, follow through and answer any questions they may have.

If you are associated with MLM or Network Marketing, then this system is a absolute dead easy way to grow your downline.

A major plus point of this system is that you are provided with the must have tools to grow any business

Another major plus benefit of this system is that it encourages and teaches duplication.

Duplication is one of the major hurdles in growing any MLM business, because people always want to embellish systems

So if you are a small business owner and would like to grow your business the smart way and would like more information on how to do this

Simply click on the banner on the top right hand side of this blog

3 Resources which give facebook fanpage optins

Below you will find 2 good advertising resources which will provide you with optins, conversions and sales for the fanpage system

Both have been tested amd are proven to give the above results

First up is Clixsense which you can access by clicking on the banner below

The video below explains how to set up your ads on clixsense

Second is the advert platform, which can be accessed via the banner below

One of the major benefits of this platform is that you get paid 95% of the profits the company makes every 20 minutes

NB Sadly this site is not available if you are based in the USA

The Advert Platform, It Pays To Be On TAP!

If you are based in the USA, then all is not lost : ) because you can register for the site below by clicking on the banner

All three of these advertising resources have been extensively tested and proven to get optins, conversions and sales as well

Why its called online marketing

Why its called online marketing

This post focuses on why online marketing is called online marketing

The simple reality is that it is just that… you are marketing online

Not opportunity selling

plain and simple online marketing or online advertising, if you prefer

Yes, you will have an opportunity you wish to grow and earn from, but just as in the real world, that business has to be promoted and advertised. Then it grows

Its a little bit like social networking, you do exactly that, network socially. You don’t network sell

People buy people first, they buy through the know like and trust, which leads to recommendations

Get this right and help people, the rest is absolute childs play, it really is

Marketing and Advertising benefits

This is how you are going to be earning money through your online marketing efforts by recommending good resources to other marketers / business owners, which are known to be responsive and give good optins

One of the best ways of doing this is through a blog post such as this and if its on an authority wordpress blog such as this pure leverage one then its going to be ranked high in the search engines and get foound

Alternatively, you can share your blog with other marketers, by asking them to read a certain post or you can share it out via your facebook fanpage.

Sharing it through your fanpage, means it will also get shared directly onto twitter as well

But that is why its called online marketing

How the facebook fanpage system works

The video below explains, very simply how the facebook fanpage system works for you and your business.

The video assumes you already have the fanpage system set up on Pure Leverage

If you don’t have the system set up, you can do so in very simple steps by clicking on the banner to the right of this post

Get free leads from facebook

This post focuses on how to get free leads from facebook.

How does that happen?

In short using the facebook fanpage system, you can find out more about it, by clicking on the fanpage banner to the right of this oost

The fanpage system, created by GVO owner Joel Therien, lets you leverage the power of facebook, through the use of some very powerful high converting lead capture pages

However to get access to the capture pages you need to be a member of Pure Leverage, but thats simple enough to do. Simply subscribe via any of the links /banners to the right hand side

Do the capture pages work?

Yes they do and very well as it happens. On the resources page you will find a list of responsive advertising places

Among them is clixsense. Using the clixsense, clixgrid advertising feature, you can advertise your facebook fanpage system and gets thousands of visitors on autopilot.

It is real set and forget advertising.

Now with the fanpage system. you get 3 very high converting capture pages, which when placed on the clixgrid will generate well over 60,000 visitors to your capture page

So imagine having your own set of highly targeted leads dropping into your own list, so you can build up a relationship with them via email, facebook or skype chat

Each lead you get, you can actually speak with and that in itelf will help you to earn money, because once they have spoken to you the chances are higher that they will upgrade. They just need to determine you are real and not a robot.

The Key to success is buy speaking with your prospects.

So how do you get free advertising from facebook

This part is very simple. Once you have upgraded and become a Pure Leverage customer and reseller, you then have to follow just 3 core coomitments daily

These take all of 5 minutes and involve you ‘liking’, loving, commenting and sharing the posts from the fanpage that is connected to your Pure Leverage back office.

For each action taken, you receive a number of points ( these quickly add up). You only need 80 points over the course of a week.

Once you have 80 points, then you are entitled to a share of the amount of leads generated by the entire system over the week

GVO / Pure Leverage are also advertising on facebook and generating their own leads as well.Obviously they are spending money to get the leads

However as long as you are doing your daily core commitments and have 80 points in a week, then you are eligible for the leads.

The leads will vary in number, but you do stand a good chance of getting good leads being given to you

Thats how you get free leads from facebook

Does the free fanpage system really work?

A question I’m often asked by many doubters, does the free system really work? The truth is, it really does.

The Fan Page system from GVO creator, Joel Therien, is nothing short of brilliant.

It takes advantage of the billions of users on Facebook by allowing you to share posts and earn points toward paid members in your downline.

As a free member of the Free Fan Page System, you can build a list of 500 subscribers, absolutely free!

However, please note! … free members DO upgrade and unless YOU upgrade too, you will not earn commissions.

You can build a list but you cannot earn an income as a free member.

So, Let’s talk numbers!

On average, we are seeing a 3 to 5% upgrade ratio which means, for every 100 subscribers you MAY see 3 to 5 upgraded members.

Let’s do some math and say you sponsor 4 upgraded members through promoting the Fan Page System.

4 upgraded members would earn you $24.95 X4 the first month then $12.47 each month thereafter.

4 X $24.95 = $99.80

4 X 12.47 = 49.88 PER month

Your cost to upgrade?

The cost to upgrade is $24.95 per month to purchase the Pure Leverage Suite of tools which includes 10,000 Subscriber list, unlimited campaigns, a My Own Meeting Conference room, Video hosting and more, PLUS $19.97 per month to become a Re-seller and earn commissions.

Total cost per month = $44.92

Earnings with 4 Members $49.88 per month (plus the $99.80 first month)

With just 4 upgraded members, your suite of tools is paid for and you are well on your way to earning a substantial income from the Free Fan Page System!

Daily Core Commitments

The secret behind the Fan Page System is following the Daily Core Commitments which are detailed in the members area. Free Fan Page System members can accumulate points which will be applied towards earning paid members once they upgrade.

Only Paid members of the system will earn Paid members through following the Daily Core Commitments.

3 Times a day, members will …

Love a post on the Joel Therien Fan Page

Comment on a post

Share the post on their timeline

Members earn points for activities. A Minimum of 80 points is required in the 7 day period to earn leads and paid members.
The Fan Page System Works!

After much testing, it is my conclusion that the Fan Page System works and works very well.

Try it out today, but remember, don’t stay free too long as you don’t want to miss any of those 100% commissions you have coming your way.

2 Social Profiles you must have

Online marketing is all about getting traffic to your website

There is also nothing better than leveraged traffic, leveraged traffic is that which comes from ‘sharing’ blog posts and / or video content

This also crosses into social media territory and while social media is not the be all and end all in terms of marketing, it certainly plays a big part in getting leveraged traffic to your website or blog

Social Profiles

But when it comes to social media, which networks do you choose?

Facebook, because ‘everyone’ else is on it

Twitter, because its a real time social network

While these networks are both excellent, there is no doubt at all that the 2 social profiles you must have are


*Google Plus

Why those two

The answer to that is very simple. Both are ‘search engines’ the largest two in the world in fact.

Secondly Google owns YouTube, so naturally is going to place its own network above others when it comes to trawling for the content its looking for.

At face value, those two profiles don’t seem very exciting, but stop and consider how many billions of videos are uploaded to YouTube daily and especially after 5pm in the evening

Each one of those videos, provided the content is good, informative and relevant, has a set of sharing buttons, which allow you to share on other social networks, even if you don’t use those networks yourself


Is in its own right a social network, with literally millions of users and again because its owned and part of google, google will naturally index that network before others

TIP Next time you type search terms into Google, look at the results which are returned and see how many google+ profiles are shown

Below is an image to illustrate that which was done for the term ‘Online Marketing’

Blog post Image of Google Search

So that explains about the two social profiles you must have

Facebook Fanpage System proof it works

One of the good things about marketing online is that you can grow your list very quickly, provided you have the right squeeze page, solving a problem for marketers

Thats not to say all squeeze pages don’t work, they do… Just some work a lot better than others

Pure Leverage’s facebook fanpage system is one such example of powerful it is and just how quickly your list will grow using it

The video below, shows great proof how powerful this system is

Now I have been marketing online professionally for the last 6 years and this lead capture page is at the time of doing this video, my best lead capture page.

No matter what business your in, or do, it might be conventional, traditional bricks and mortar, you may even have a totally online business, this system works

The heavy lifting is done for you and conversions are simply incredible

Having watched the video above and if you would like to get the fanpage system for yourself, simply subscribe to the right hand side of this post.

The information will be sent to you directly

How to get leads through Pure Leverage authority blogging content

How to get leads through Pure Leverage authority blogging content

The video below, shows how leads subscribe to your authority blog content and are  shown in your email account

What is an authority blog?

An authority blog is a blog that provides solutions for online marketers specific problems, which are usually lack of leads.

It is also without doubt, the best form of attraction marketing that there is online, because the blog will have the solution to your particular marketing problem

Authority blogs are long as they are written intelligently and articulately, present and position you as a specialist in  in your specific niche.

They attract new clients to you, which is far better than having to cold call people, or worst case scenario, bug your mum, dad, brother and entire family.

Your blog post, once written, is ‘out there’ in cyber space ( now theres a scary thought!) for all to see

However, it works for you, because its working for you 24/7/365 even while you sleep and, as you’ll see from the video above, attracts leads to you even at 3am in the morning!



Google and other search engines love authority blogs, because they usually contain the content their spiders are looking for.

Spiders is the term used for crawling the next, because they spread far and wide looking for authority blogs first and these take more importance than other normal wordpress blogs.

So by definition, when people put search terms into google and other search engines, the theory is, as long as your blog has the right title, then it gets picked out, before other non authority blogs


Lead Generation

Authority blogs make lead generation that much easier, because as long as the content solves the readers marketing issue and they want more of the same.They susbcribe

Again, you’lll have seen eveidence of that in the video above


So thats how to get leads through Pure Leverage blogging content.

You can find out how to get your own authority blog, by subscribing to the right of this post