An Example of Traffic Exchange leverage

One of the major reasons I love Your Eight Steps  a lot, is because they have a proven system which works and also because that system, offers you a chance to leverage the internet, through the efforts of others, for work you do only once. Now that in itself is a powerful marketing tool, you would have to see it in action to fully understand how powerful it can be.


Its that leverage, which is the reason for this post, because this morning, on logging into a traffic exchange I use infrequently, was pleasantly surprised to see my credits were higher than I was expecting, making me eligible for an upgrade (another reason to use leverage, they save you money!!). So upon checking my referrals, I discovered that there were 3 in total, all referred from another site which is part of Your Eight Steps and through their efforts as a result of my promoting your eight steps, they had earned me credits, which allow me to upgrade.


Now, which ever way you look at it, thats smart marketing. You do the work once, then get paid over and over again, so everyone is a winner! ~ Just look at Facebook as the biggest example of how well leverage works ( Incidentally by the way, you access a superb ebook on how to use facebook to earn money, by entering your details to the right of this post, where it says enter your email address!)

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So, if you are not experiencing the results you want, why not take a trip over to Your Eight Steps sign up for free, take a look at how it can help you.One thing is for certain… You’ll be glad you did! ~ Oh yes, by also following their system, you will earn a $100 a day, which isn’t to be sneezed at.