Branding you

What does branding you mean?

Using your name attached to a blog or website which is about your business or hobbies interests.

How do you use your name?
You need to get a domain name which has your name in it

To illustrate this I’ll use my own name (which is dave hayes) to show what I mean

The post you are reading is on my domain

I also have a personal blog on

What if your name is popular or has been taken?

In that case you can either prefix it with something like I am yourname, whoisyouname, yournameonline

Or…if you have a middle or a nickname then you can use that as the domain

An example of thag is shown above with my domain name davebhayes (the b is the first initial of a family nickname and… no it is not ba****d!

The last suggestion is inserting a hyphen intk your name, as shown above with

So when someone asks to know more about you, simply pass them your blog and explain that they can find out more about you by the section on the website which has hat information.

People are far more likely to relate to you personally than a ‘corporate’ name.

So that is what branding you means