Fanpage System Shared Advertising from The Advert Platform

This post focuses on and shows the leveraged ( shared) free advertising that the fanpage system gets from being advertised on The Advert Platform

In case you have not heard of The Advert Platform, its an ad resource I use for advertising my own Fanpage System posts and lead capture pages, it can also be found under the resources page of this blog

Fanpage System Adshare from TAP

Now as you’ll see in the screenshot above, this is a post which has been taken from my own fanpage, highlighting the success of a chap called Adam Harding.

So how does the ad sharing work on The Advert Platform?

Like this. I took the post I placed, featuring Adam, from my own fanpage post and put it as an ad on the advert platform.I get paid for putting the ad on there

The Ad Platform has well over 300,000 members, who as part of their daily tasks, have to click on 3 facebook posts, which in this case brought up the post featuring Adam

When the post comes up, they have to share it to their own timeline. Doing this gives extra leverage and more sharing to other peoples networks, that quite possibly may not be part of you own network

What are the benefits of advertising on The Ad Platform?

1) An average of 10.5% Click Through rate for the ad. Currently my own fanpage system ads are generating exactly that 10.5% and are my highest performing ads

2) Quality optins wanting to know more, i get around 20 leads a week on average from this platform

3) As you have read, additional free sharing from people you don’t know

4) As long as you live in Europe, The Middle East, Asia and /or Canada, you qualify to use the platform and can get paid every 20minutes for advertising your business on there, which equates too every 20 minutes, 72 times daily, 365 days of the year

5) Your own fanpage system list builds very quickly from the platform

So hopefully this post has been of some benefit to you and shown you another smart great way to get leads for the fanpage system

Over $400, per month… just for liking posts on Facebook

As a reader of this blog, you’ll have read lots of posts on how the facebook fanpage system, benefits your business.

This morning at the time of writing this post, I have just received another lead from Pure Leverage, simply for doing my daily core committments

Which are, liking/loving, commenting and sharing posts on facebook : )

So, you might think, why are you being told this?

The reason is this.

I am getting paid, over a $400 a month, each and every month, by Pure Leverage, from others who want to see the same type of results I am getting and who are joining the system

As a fellow business owner, you always need new leads, and clients for your business to grow.The fanpage system, provides you with exactly that.

Now when you consider that for doing about 5 minutes work, per day, that isn’t too shabby a return really

If your thinking that $400 doesn’t sound a lot, well its only part of my entire business model, which believe it or not… is all centred around


Yes thats right, WordPress!

This post isn’t written to boast, bragg or impress you in any way (I’m long past that stage), however it is written to show you what can be achieved by tweaking some of your marketing.

Heck this can even be worked from your mobile!

So if you would like to see the kind of return I am experiencing and want to get started, just click on the facebook banner to the right and you’ll receive some information straight to your inbox.

An example of the fanpage system leverage on Twitter

This post focuses on showing a good example of how social media, can leverage promotion of the fanpage system

I have attached a screenshot taken from my Twitter account, literally just a few seconds ago

Click on the image below, which enlarges it so you can see the details for yourself

Twitter Screenshot of FPS

How has this been achieved

This has been achieved by posting updates to Twitter from my facebook fanpage.

The updates are shared exactly as you would normally share good news, only using twitter and doing it in a way that you can use #tags without it being salesy

There have been a number of success stories of people earning money from using what is a very simple and very powerful system

Because it is so powerful, there have been updates on a daily basis keeping the followers on my Twitter account updated.

As you can see from the above screenshot, my tweets have gone from being liked only, to now being re~tweeted

Having the tweets re~tweeted, shows you are sharing good content

Facebook advertising

Everyone needs advertising, facebook, like it or hate it, is an advertising platform, for which you need a fanpage if you have a business or plan to use the advertising section of facebook

So the fanpage system can be used for absolutely any type of business.It brings you leads, direct to your list.

You can use your fanpage a little bit like a blog in some respects.

So I hope this gives you some insight into just how powerful this is.

Facebook Fanpage System proof it works

One of the good things about marketing online is that you can grow your list very quickly, provided you have the right squeeze page, solving a problem for marketers

Thats not to say all squeeze pages don’t work, they do… Just some work a lot better than others

Pure Leverage’s facebook fanpage system is one such example of powerful it is and just how quickly your list will grow using it

The video below, shows great proof how powerful this system is

Now I have been marketing online professionally for the last 6 years and this lead capture page is at the time of doing this video, my best lead capture page.

No matter what business your in, or do, it might be conventional, traditional bricks and mortar, you may even have a totally online business, this system works

The heavy lifting is done for you and conversions are simply incredible

Having watched the video above and if you would like to get the fanpage system for yourself, simply subscribe to the right hand side of this post.

The information will be sent to you directly

Facebook fanpage works!

The facebook fanpage system works!

Now that might sound like a strange thing to say, however as a fellow online marketer / business owner, you’ll know that to get leads you need to have high converting lead capture pages, which is why the title of this post is the facebook fanpage system works.

Jusy in case your not aware, facebook is a good advertising platform for small businesses

Now below you’ll see a video of exactly how powerful the facebook fanpage system is

Now some of those leads came within seconds of putting the ads on clixsense.

There was also no need for any SEO or Keyword research to obain those leads.

Having been in the online advertising and marketing industry for over 15 years, its critical to your business that you use high converting lead capture pages

The video below shows just how well the facebook fanpage system attracts leads to optin to your list

One of the major reasons for the results above is because Clixsene allows you to do set and forget advertising, so your ads or links are being shown even while you sleep and it lets you build your list on autopilot

As a fellow business owner, you’ll know just how big an asset your own list is.

You’ll also maybe know how much facebook is changing its algorithm so that the affiliate links you might currently use are getting blocked by facebook.

The facebook fanpage system is facebook compliant and you can get your own facebook fanpage system, simply by subscribing to the right of this post

In summary, no matter whether your a new marketer starting out, a more experienced marketer, or a seasoned pro who use facebook daily, the fanpage system will double or even triple your list without much work on your part.

Facebook ~ Why you need a facebook fanpage

So why exactly do you need a facebook fanpage?

The short answer is that Facebook is a social network, first & foremost, that is what it was set up as way back in 2004.

However, as the years have gone by, the platform has evolved and developed, as all social media platforms have, into an advertising platform, for business owners.

In order to keep the two part of the network seperate and to avoid those users amongst its 1 billion plus users who are don’t use the platform for business, facebook created ‘pages’ specifically for business owners. One of the conditions of these being that you could only post business related content on them and no where else.Apart from using facebook ads that is.


Another feature of using a fanpage for your business is the ability to post to your twitter account, from your fanpage directly.

How this is done, is by going to

Once on that page, simply log into your facebook account and connect the two accounts.

Thats it, job done.

Now you have the ability to post to twitter from your fanpage, making sure you include the relevant hashtags in the posts you are sending so they get picked up on twitter.

This post is another snippet taken from the facebook marketing guide, which contains, tons of top tips on how to optimise your facebook fanapge, so it gets found in the search engines, as well as how to attract only the leads you want from facebook straight to you.

To get your copy if the guide, simply enter your details to the right of this post

Facebook ~ How to Schedule a fanpage post

Facebook ~ How to Schedule facebook fanpage post

The video below, shows exactly how to do this

Click Here

Did you know this existed?

It makes total sense to do this, because facebook, with over 1 billion users is where most business owners have a ‘fanpage’

If you would like to know more about, getting more clients from your fanpage, then enter your details to the right had side of this post and the tips will be sent direct to your inbox

Your Eight Steps Pays again!

Your Eight Steps, the incredible marketing system, which shows you exactly how to earn a signficant income marketing online, or at least it does for those that follow the system…

However that said when you do follow the system, Your Eight Steps, pays out, each month, without fail on the 15th, direct to your paypal account, without your having to make a request for the money

The great thing about Your Eight Steps, is that it is a system, which focuses on teaching online business owners how to generate tons of traffic, both free and paid, to their website or blog… This is something that a lot of online marketers fail to do when they decide to start an online business.

If you would like to find out more about how the Your Eight Steps system can help you, or you would like a free video, which provides lots of tip and ideas as to how to market on facebook, then simply enter your details to the right hand side of this post.




A recommended surfing strategy that produces results

Now one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website, is by surfing traffic exchanges

Traffic exchanges!!! ~ But they don’t work and are a waste of time… Aren’t they?

The short answer is, they do work and they are not a waste of time, at all, provided you use them the right way, but more on that later, because this post is all about a good recommended surfing strategy. One that works and produces results

Read on and find out more, because this is my way of doing things, my results are tracked, so I write this post with complete confidence, knowing that, if you follow it, you will get the same results as I am getting on a daily basis

I use 3 main sources of traffic exchange, you can find those on another post on this blog.

This strategy is done daily ~ Without fail : )

First of all, I use the firefox browser and have a few tabs open at the same time.

The surfing is done in this order.

I login into powesurfcentral and surf the 3 main exchanges for 200 pages on each one

Now at the same time as this, I also login to zubeezone and from the games section, select the tab which says 15% bonus site. This is surfed at the same time as the powersurfcentral sites and I surf this throughout the day at different intervals, along with the bonus sites of the day from zubee zone, once I have finished my surfing at powersurfcentral

Over the course of the day, you’ll surf, way more than 250 sites on zubeezone, and at the same time you will be rewarded for your surfing, with extra credits and coins, which can be redeemed for cash.

Finally, I then surf 10 ads daily at My Advertising pays, because this traffic exchange, will pay you 95% profit share every 20 minutes without fail.


From PowersurfCentral and MAP, you will get very definate leads, optins and conversions to your autoresponder list

Now this strategy has been used or the last few months consistently, with the results happening on a daily basis.

If you found this post useful and would like to receive my newsltter, which, includes how to maximise facebook for lead generation, simply enter your details to the right of this post.