Fanpage System Shared Advertising from The Advert Platform

This post focuses on and shows the leveraged ( shared) free advertising that the fanpage system gets from being advertised on The Advert Platform

In case you have not heard of The Advert Platform, its an ad resource I use for advertising my own Fanpage System posts and lead capture pages, it can also be found under the resources page of this blog

Fanpage System Adshare from TAP

Now as you’ll see in the screenshot above, this is a post which has been taken from my own fanpage, highlighting the success of a chap called Adam Harding.

So how does the ad sharing work on The Advert Platform?

Like this. I took the post I placed, featuring Adam, from my own fanpage post and put it as an ad on the advert platform.I get paid for putting the ad on there

The Ad Platform has well over 300,000 members, who as part of their daily tasks, have to click on 3 facebook posts, which in this case brought up the post featuring Adam

When the post comes up, they have to share it to their own timeline. Doing this gives extra leverage and more sharing to other peoples networks, that quite possibly may not be part of you own network

What are the benefits of advertising on The Ad Platform?

1) An average of 10.5% Click Through rate for the ad. Currently my own fanpage system ads are generating exactly that 10.5% and are my highest performing ads

2) Quality optins wanting to know more, i get around 20 leads a week on average from this platform

3) As you have read, additional free sharing from people you don’t know

4) As long as you live in Europe, The Middle East, Asia and /or Canada, you qualify to use the platform and can get paid every 20minutes for advertising your business on there, which equates too every 20 minutes, 72 times daily, 365 days of the year

5) Your own fanpage system list builds very quickly from the platform

So hopefully this post has been of some benefit to you and shown you another smart great way to get leads for the fanpage system