Would you like Guaranteed visitors to your website

As a fellow traffic exchange surfer, you may well find yourself surfing for hours to generate traffic to your website, simply because that is what you have been told, or advised to do.

Indeed there are examples of people surfing quite literally all day long… Yes 12 hours plus, just to generate enough traffic to their websites & generally they are surfing for ‘pennies’ not pounds.

Yet, there is a smarter way to generate traffic by surfing and as a fellow traffic exchange user myself, I like to surf smart, but I also like to have, near as can be ‘guaranteed’ visitors to my website

Now, one of the traffic exchanges, which offers exactly that is shown below in the video

I have used TrafficAdbar for a while as a free member and as you’ll see from the video, it has produced impressive results. However if you like ‘guarantees’ and you want to surf smarter, then its highly recommended that your look further at it by clicking here

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Clixsense ~ Further proof of traffic generated

This post is going to be quite short, but below you’ll see a video, which shows further proof of how well the Clixgrid advertising works on Clixsense

You’ll remember from another post, that you saw how many unique hits had been had at that point. This video takes that one stage further

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Clixsense ~ Proof Of Automatic generation


You may remember from a previous post on this blog, how you were shown to set up a link on Clixsense to generate traffic on autopilot to your website

Well, moving that on one stage further, the video below, takes you inside the members area at Clixsense, to show you ‘realtime’ stats and explains in just over a week, how many new leads have been generated as a result of using this method



Traffic Exchanges

If you are a daily, or regular user of traffic exchanges, so you can generate traffic to your website and you are using, for example more than one exchange currently, then the video will be of great interest to you. There are many online marketers, who regularly surf, for more than 12 hours a day, just to generate a few leads.

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7 great sources of free traffic

As a business owner marketing online, you might, or might be aware that the only focus you should have is on driving lots and lots of traffic to your website or blog.

Traffic exchanges are a great way of providing you with tons of traffic, but with over 19 million traffic exchanges on the internet, how exactly do you know which are good to use, which ones will produce good traffic and where to focus your valuable time.

Tracking is a vital way of doing this and as a result of tracking and testing numerous traffic exchanges.Below I have listed the top 9 exchanges below will all produce quality traffic to your website. They are in no particular order, but are as follows

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

HitSafari - Explore the wonders of great traffic

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

List surfing is a unique traffic exchange in its own right and differs from those listed above, because, for every page surfed, you receive 6 visitors back to your website, which is awesome in itself. Another brilliant feature of listsurfing is, that it has an amazing click through rate for ads, which are well over 57% on average… You’d have to agree that is pretty incredible

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Traffic exchange Rankings ~ The latest report

Traffic Exchanges, are as you might be aware a very good way to build your email list quite quickly.


A search for the term Traffic Exchange, will return over 19 Million results


So how do you know which are the best ones to use?


Which ones produce the best results


Each week, a detailed report is produced, which points you in the right direction and tells you where the best results are being obtained. You can see that list by clicking on the link below.It is a great time saver.


Click Here


From that list, the following exchanges are well worth you spending money on upgrades.But rather than upgrade directly at the exchanges themselves, go to this link


Click Here


Where you can find specially negotiated discounts at some of the exchanges, which are well worth having and the results are superb.

A recommended surfing strategy that produces results

Now one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website, is by surfing traffic exchanges

Traffic exchanges!!! ~ But they don’t work and are a waste of time… Aren’t they?

The short answer is, they do work and they are not a waste of time, at all, provided you use them the right way, but more on that later, because this post is all about a good recommended surfing strategy. One that works and produces results

Read on and find out more, because this is my way of doing things, my results are tracked, so I write this post with complete confidence, knowing that, if you follow it, you will get the same results as I am getting on a daily basis

I use 3 main sources of traffic exchange, you can find those on another post on this blog.

This strategy is done daily ~ Without fail : )

First of all, I use the firefox browser and have a few tabs open at the same time.

The surfing is done in this order.

I login into powesurfcentral and surf the 3 main exchanges for 200 pages on each one

Now at the same time as this, I also login to zubeezone and from the games section, select the tab which says 15% bonus site. This is surfed at the same time as the powersurfcentral sites and I surf this throughout the day at different intervals, along with the bonus sites of the day from zubee zone, once I have finished my surfing at powersurfcentral

Over the course of the day, you’ll surf, way more than 250 sites on zubeezone, and at the same time you will be rewarded for your surfing, with extra credits and coins, which can be redeemed for cash.

Finally, I then surf 10 ads daily at My Advertising pays, because this traffic exchange, will pay you 95% profit share every 20 minutes without fail.


From PowersurfCentral and MAP, you will get very definate leads, optins and conversions to your autoresponder list

Now this strategy has been used or the last few months consistently, with the results happening on a daily basis.

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An Example of Traffic Exchange leverage

One of the major reasons I love Your Eight Steps  a lot, is because they have a proven system which works and also because that system, offers you a chance to leverage the internet, through the efforts of others, for work you do only once. Now that in itself is a powerful marketing tool, you would have to see it in action to fully understand how powerful it can be.


Its that leverage, which is the reason for this post, because this morning, on logging into a traffic exchange I use infrequently, was pleasantly surprised to see my credits were higher than I was expecting, making me eligible for an upgrade (another reason to use leverage, they save you money!!). So upon checking my referrals, I discovered that there were 3 in total, all referred from another site which is part of Your Eight Steps and through their efforts as a result of my promoting your eight steps, they had earned me credits, which allow me to upgrade.


Now, which ever way you look at it, thats smart marketing. You do the work once, then get paid over and over again, so everyone is a winner! ~ Just look at Facebook as the biggest example of how well leverage works ( Incidentally by the way, you access a superb ebook on how to use facebook to earn money, by entering your details to the right of this post, where it says enter your email address!)

HINT If you are associated with or a distributor for an MLM company and your downline is not growing how you think it should, then you are strongly recommended to read the ebook mentioned above, as it will save you a lot of time and show you how to grow your business the smart way.To give you an example of this, one MLM distributor put this theory to the test and tripled his downline in less than 90 days, where it had taken him 5 years to get a third of that number ~ they say success leaves clues!

So, if you are not experiencing the results you want, why not take a trip over to Your Eight Steps sign up for free, take a look at how it can help you.One thing is for certain… You’ll be glad you did! ~ Oh yes, by also following their system, you will earn a $100 a day, which isn’t to be sneezed at.