Would you like Guaranteed visitors to your website

As a fellow traffic exchange surfer, you may well find yourself surfing for hours to generate traffic to your website, simply because that is what you have been told, or advised to do.

Indeed there are examples of people surfing quite literally all day long… Yes 12 hours plus, just to generate enough traffic to their websites & generally they are surfing for ‘pennies’ not pounds.

Yet, there is a smarter way to generate traffic by surfing and as a fellow traffic exchange user myself, I like to surf smart, but I also like to have, near as can be ‘guaranteed’ visitors to my website

Now, one of the traffic exchanges, which offers exactly that is shown below in the video

I have used TrafficAdbar for a while as a free member and as you’ll see from the video, it has produced impressive results. However if you like ‘guarantees’ and you want to surf smarter, then its highly recommended that your look further at it by clicking here

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Clixsense ~ Further proof of traffic generated

This post is going to be quite short, but below you’ll see a video, which shows further proof of how well the Clixgrid advertising works on Clixsense

You’ll remember from another post, that you saw how many unique hits had been had at that point. This video takes that one stage further

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Clixsense ~ Proof Of Automatic generation


You may remember from a previous post on this blog, how you were shown to set up a link on Clixsense to generate traffic on autopilot to your website

Well, moving that on one stage further, the video below, takes you inside the members area at Clixsense, to show you ‘realtime’ stats and explains in just over a week, how many new leads have been generated as a result of using this method



Traffic Exchanges

If you are a daily, or regular user of traffic exchanges, so you can generate traffic to your website and you are using, for example more than one exchange currently, then the video will be of great interest to you. There are many online marketers, who regularly surf, for more than 12 hours a day, just to generate a few leads.

To get your free clixsense account, simply Click Here  create your free account



How to get 20,000 visitors automatically to your website?

One of the great things about marketing online is that it gives you an opportunity to automate much of your marketing as you can. Where you can you should

As far as traffic generation goes, then there is one well established traffic exchange, which allows you to just that.The banner is below


Clixsense has been established since 2007, and has 1,000,000 members.It has many great features, which includes the ability to set up an automatic traffic generation campaign, which runs for 30 days at a time, and will give you around 20,000 visitor during that time, which isn’t too shabby, as you might agree.

The video below shows exactly how you can do this


It also leaves you free to concentrate on other parts of your traffic generation and building your list by following up.

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7 great sources of free traffic

As a business owner marketing online, you might, or might be aware that the only focus you should have is on driving lots and lots of traffic to your website or blog.

Traffic exchanges are a great way of providing you with tons of traffic, but with over 19 million traffic exchanges on the internet, how exactly do you know which are good to use, which ones will produce good traffic and where to focus your valuable time.

Tracking is a vital way of doing this and as a result of tracking and testing numerous traffic exchanges.Below I have listed the top 9 exchanges below will all produce quality traffic to your website. They are in no particular order, but are as follows

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

HitSafari - Explore the wonders of great traffic

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

List surfing is a unique traffic exchange in its own right and differs from those listed above, because, for every page surfed, you receive 6 visitors back to your website, which is awesome in itself. Another brilliant feature of listsurfing is, that it has an amazing click through rate for ads, which are well over 57% on average… You’d have to agree that is pretty incredible

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Would you like 30% Extra Cash today?

Traffic as you is the absolute lifeblood of your business, when marketing online.

Without traffic, your business, will struggle to survive. Traffic Exchanges are a superb and brilliant way to get lots of traffic, through referral credits and also residual traffic.

Traffic exchanges also offer some great incentives for their users and today there is just one such offer available for you.it will not be available tomorrow.

This special lifetime offer gives you the following

10% of your referrals surfing credits

30% cash commissions on all your referrals purchases and upgrades

Now that is what you call a great offer, certainly one thats not to be sneezed at, or missed out on

How do you get this very special offer? ~ Simply go to the link below

Click Here

Once you login, you’ll see this exceptional offer just waiting for you, all you have to do is claim it.

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Online business marketing ~ Is all about traffic!

Online business marketing… Is all about traffic!

Now your thought process at this point is saying something like “No its not, its about my opportunity, what are you talking about”!

Admittedly you have the opportunity that you like, possibly even love, with all its benefits and you have come online, to boost your sales, recruit more people ( if its an MLM business venture) and (obviously) to build yourself a very nice residual income.You may have even spoken to a few contacts about it, who have promised to ‘take a look’ which is all very well, fine and dandy. But the one thing that speaking to your contacts doesn’t do, is to build you any traffic.And traffic, just like a conventional bricks and mortar business, needs footfall and customers, traffic is the lifeblood of your business oneline… No traffic, no customers…no sales! ~ Or very few at that.




So what you need to do, from the very outset is to ignore the advice of some and ‘just go and place an ad on facebook’… Because as you might have found out, facebook groups are full of other business owners / online marketers, doing the exact same thing, you are doing… Advertising their business, so your own opportunity gets lost in the plethora of other ads already being posted in them, which results in very few sales.

Which is why you need to turn your marketing strategy on its head for a moment and focus on… Driving as much traffic as you can to your website.

Drive as much traffic to your website as you can and you will find your opportunity builds itself, almost on autopilot ( Now… Wouldnt that be nice, especially if you have an MLM venture)

So how do you drive traffic to your website,




Well, you need to have a  mix of free and paid for strategies, these are a few examples SEO, backlinks, video blogging, traffic exchanges, articles, forums to name but a few ideas, all of which are great ideas and do work really, once you have learnt how to master them.

Now over the course of the next few posts, you will read, about some great strategies which are smart and cover all your traffic driving angles, without you spending hours on keyword research or calling prospects.

For now though, keep the thought in your head, that online business marketingis all about traffic

The #1 easiest way to build your business online

Business marketing online, is one of the most rewarding niches to be associated with

Have any doubts about it, then just ask any member of facebook, or google, what they think about it and they will give you the same answer ~ it’s rewarding

Why is it so rewarding? ~ Because it’s the most simplest venture in the world to do, where you only have to focus on 1 thing

Driving, tons and tons of traffic to your. list, be that held on a website or blog. That is it, nothing else matters, not even your business opportunity.

Now if saying your business opportunity doesn’t matter, sounds a bit harsh, this is not for one minute suggesting you dump your business opportunity, far from it, just understand exactly how you should market it and promote it.

That is through driving traffic to your website

By far the best, number 1 way of doing this is through using traffic exchanges. more on that in just a second

First you will need to adjust your thinking slightly and understand this

Marketing online, means that you will effectively have two businesses. They will be your own business opportunity, be that MLM. or property or health &…

Your traffic generation business. One can’t exist without the other

Listen. Most people join a business… then start to think about how to get traffic to their website.

Which is totally understandable if no-one told them any other way…

And that’s why so many people fail – because they go broke trying to get traffic or buying leads!

Yet with a simple change in strategy, they could turn business failure into almost guaranteed success! They just need to think differently. In reverse in fact!

You see, no-one ever told them that their main business should be generating traffic and then everything else would just fall into place.

It then becomes child’s play to send that traffic to their ‘other’ business and guarantee success. Sounds so obvious now, doesn’t it?

So how would you like free traffic?

This takes us back to what I wrote earlier, you see from this moment on, you need to understand that you have two businesses –

your traffic-business and your
money-business. You’d probably never thought of it like that before, had you?

Once you make that realisation, you start to concentrate on your traffic-business because get that right and your money-business will,,, just work!

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3 Great sources of free traffic

As an online business marketer, you’ll know that, your primary focus should be on driving traffic to your website or blog ~ Forget your opportunity for just a while and focus on getting good quality traffic to your website. The rest will follow, as sure as night follows day.

Now listed below are 3 great sources of free traffic… Free is always good : )

These are tested and proven traffic exchanges sources, which will give you, leads, optins and in some cases, upgrades automatically.

The first place is

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

My advertising pays, has been established for 2 years and is a unique traffic exchange, for a number of different reasons. I have highlighted just a few of the many benefits

First of all, it delivers high quality traffic to its advertisers

Then it pays its members 95% profit share, every 20 minutes without fail, in return for you viewing 10 ads daily

The average click through rate ( CTR) for ads on the traffic exchange is ~ 10%

The average optin rate is 50% ~ Which is also brilliant

It is ranked very highly by all the search engines, so your blog rankings will increase automatically and without the need for SEO

NB: MAP is highly addictive… But sadly not available to residents of the USA


There is Power Surf Central, owned by Sean Supplee

Now, this is a terrific source of great traffic, which behind MAP, will provide you with quality leads and conversions



There is

Zubee Zone is the brainchild of John Bell, it as been established for over 4 years and rewards surfers in a number of different ways, not least in the quality of the traffic

It is third behind MAP and Power Surf Central in terms of the number of conversions it provides.

A recommended surfing strategy post will follow this

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Would you like free search engine traffic?

What a ridiculous question to ask, but its better to ask than assume. We all know what happens when you ASS U ME!

However, back to the question in hand!

Would you like free search engine traffic? ~ The answer is going to be resounding YES, please!!, so without further ado, you need to go to This link, its free to join & totally underated by most marketers, but an incredibly powerful marketing tool for online business owners, when you look at the figures below

Currently it has an Alexa Rank of 17.026 of which 22, 497 users are registerded in the USA

It receives over 300,000 unique daily visitors and has over 103, 870 active members

It is also a content based platform, where every peice of content is seen outside of the platform and really it should be treated like another blog, for the returns you’ll get as you’ll see from the features on the above link.

So, if your looking to forge good relstionships and get your content seen by a wider audience, many of whom will be looking for what you are writing about, then its well worth a look.