GVO Pays again!

With Internet Marketing, it is hard enough to gain credibility, through the hordes of rubbish floating about, which is one of the main reasons you’ll love GVO / Pure Leverage.


Joel Therien, provides you, as a business owner, blogger, internet marketer, or whatever your profession happens to be, a fantastic marketing suite of tools, which are required by every business owner, and that set you apart from the masses.

Equally GVO  / PL are also very transparent in their dealings, not just with you, but their entire client base. Hardly surprising then that some of the worlds top online marketers partner with them. Another reason is the incredible compensation plan, which pays out without faily automatically on or around the middle of the month ( I  say on around the middle, because if it happens to fall on a weekend, you get paid, the Thursday before hand

This month is no exception, they have paid out yet again, direct to my bank account.I haven’t had to ask for it, it is just there.I have been notified by email

On the subject of the payplan, one of the biggest reasons you’ll like it, apart from the fact that it pays you :  ), is as you will see below from the link

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That unlike Empower Network ( Which I was promoting heavily at one point) there are no passups


Passups in case you are not familiar with the term, means that for every other person you bring on board, you don’t get paid on them, they go to your upline!

Now imagine, as does happen, that someone opts into your downline, but for what ever reason, they need to ‘really’ convince themselves its what they want to do, you may have spent hours relating your own experience to them and when they finally commit, they are then a passup, how would you feel


Relate it to a conventional sales job. You do all the work to secure a big contract, only for your mate to finish it off and take your commission :  ( it does happen

With GVO / Pure Leverage that doesn’t happen. Thanks to high converting lead Capture Pages, leads are easy to come by and in some cases, they even upgrade on their own!

So, if you would like to earn a good income online, using the simplest tools on the Internet and be taught by an Internet millionaire, simply enter your details to the right of this post.