2 Social Profiles you must have

Online marketing is all about getting traffic to your website

There is also nothing better than leveraged traffic, leveraged traffic is that which comes from ‘sharing’ blog posts and / or video content

This also crosses into social media territory and while social media is not the be all and end all in terms of marketing, it certainly plays a big part in getting leveraged traffic to your website or blog

Social Profiles

But when it comes to social media, which networks do you choose?

Facebook, because ‘everyone’ else is on it

Twitter, because its a real time social network

While these networks are both excellent, there is no doubt at all that the 2 social profiles you must have are


*Google Plus

Why those two

The answer to that is very simple. Both are ‘search engines’ the largest two in the world in fact.

Secondly Google owns YouTube, so naturally is going to place its own network above others when it comes to trawling for the content its looking for.

At face value, those two profiles don’t seem very exciting, but stop and consider how many billions of videos are uploaded to YouTube daily and especially after 5pm in the evening

Each one of those videos, provided the content is good, informative and relevant, has a set of sharing buttons, which allow you to share on other social networks, even if you don’t use those networks yourself


Is in its own right a social network, with literally millions of users and again because its owned and part of google, google will naturally index that network before others

TIP Next time you type search terms into Google, look at the results which are returned and see how many google+ profiles are shown

Below is an image to illustrate that which was done for the term ‘Online Marketing’

Blog post Image of Google Search

So that explains about the two social profiles you must have

Facebook Fanpage System proof it works

One of the good things about marketing online is that you can grow your list very quickly, provided you have the right squeeze page, solving a problem for marketers

Thats not to say all squeeze pages don’t work, they do… Just some work a lot better than others

Pure Leverage’s facebook fanpage system is one such example of powerful it is and just how quickly your list will grow using it

The video below, shows great proof how powerful this system is

Now I have been marketing online professionally for the last 6 years and this lead capture page is at the time of doing this video, my best lead capture page.

No matter what business your in, or do, it might be conventional, traditional bricks and mortar, you may even have a totally online business, this system works

The heavy lifting is done for you and conversions are simply incredible

Having watched the video above and if you would like to get the fanpage system for yourself, simply subscribe to the right hand side of this post.

The information will be sent to you directly

How to get leads through Pure Leverage authority blogging content

How to get leads through Pure Leverage authority blogging content

The video below, shows how leads subscribe to your authority blog content and are  shown in your email account

What is an authority blog?

An authority blog is a blog that provides solutions for online marketers specific problems, which are usually lack of leads.

It is also without doubt, the best form of attraction marketing that there is online, because the blog will have the solution to your particular marketing problem

Authority blogs are long as they are written intelligently and articulately, present and position you as a specialist in  in your specific niche.

They attract new clients to you, which is far better than having to cold call people, or worst case scenario, bug your mum, dad, brother and entire family.

Your blog post, once written, is ‘out there’ in cyber space ( now theres a scary thought!) for all to see

However, it works for you, because its working for you 24/7/365 even while you sleep and, as you’ll see from the video above, attracts leads to you even at 3am in the morning!



Google and other search engines love authority blogs, because they usually contain the content their spiders are looking for.

Spiders is the term used for crawling the next, because they spread far and wide looking for authority blogs first and these take more importance than other normal wordpress blogs.

So by definition, when people put search terms into google and other search engines, the theory is, as long as your blog has the right title, then it gets picked out, before other non authority blogs


Lead Generation

Authority blogs make lead generation that much easier, because as long as the content solves the readers marketing issue and they want more of the same.They susbcribe

Again, you’lll have seen eveidence of that in the video above


So thats how to get leads through Pure Leverage blogging content.

You can find out how to get your own authority blog, by subscribing to the right of this post




Facebook fanpage works!

The facebook fanpage system works!

Now that might sound like a strange thing to say, however as a fellow online marketer / business owner, you’ll know that to get leads you need to have high converting lead capture pages, which is why the title of this post is the facebook fanpage system works.

Jusy in case your not aware, facebook is a good advertising platform for small businesses

Now below you’ll see a video of exactly how powerful the facebook fanpage system is

Now some of those leads came within seconds of putting the ads on clixsense.

There was also no need for any SEO or Keyword research to obain those leads.

Having been in the online advertising and marketing industry for over 15 years, its critical to your business that you use high converting lead capture pages

The video below shows just how well the facebook fanpage system attracts leads to optin to your list

One of the major reasons for the results above is because Clixsene allows you to do set and forget advertising, so your ads or links are being shown even while you sleep and it lets you build your list on autopilot

As a fellow business owner, you’ll know just how big an asset your own list is.

You’ll also maybe know how much facebook is changing its algorithm so that the affiliate links you might currently use are getting blocked by facebook.

The facebook fanpage system is facebook compliant and you can get your own facebook fanpage system, simply by subscribing to the right of this post

In summary, no matter whether your a new marketer starting out, a more experienced marketer, or a seasoned pro who use facebook daily, the fanpage system will double or even triple your list without much work on your part.

Facebook ~ Why you need a facebook fanpage

So why exactly do you need a facebook fanpage?

The short answer is that Facebook is a social network, first & foremost, that is what it was set up as way back in 2004.

However, as the years have gone by, the platform has evolved and developed, as all social media platforms have, into an advertising platform, for business owners.

In order to keep the two part of the network seperate and to avoid those users amongst its 1 billion plus users who are don’t use the platform for business, facebook created ‘pages’ specifically for business owners. One of the conditions of these being that you could only post business related content on them and no where else.Apart from using facebook ads that is.


Another feature of using a fanpage for your business is the ability to post to your twitter account, from your fanpage directly.

How this is done, is by going to www.facebook.com/twitter

Once on that page, simply log into your facebook account and connect the two accounts.

Thats it, job done.

Now you have the ability to post to twitter from your fanpage, making sure you include the relevant hashtags in the posts you are sending so they get picked up on twitter.

This post is another snippet taken from the facebook marketing guide, which contains, tons of top tips on how to optimise your facebook fanapge, so it gets found in the search engines, as well as how to attract only the leads you want from facebook straight to you.

To get your copy if the guide, simply enter your details to the right of this post

Why you need a Pure Leverage blog

Why you need a Pure Leverage blog

This question was asked of me the other day, which prompted me to think, well other people might well be thinking the same thing, especially bloggers : ) and Network / Multi Level Marketers

So this post is created, for you as a reader, if that same thought has crossed your  mind

Now.if you are marketing online, then you need a ‘central hub’ from which to work, something thats yous, something you own. that ‘something’ is your own blog.Your blog, needs to be on the wordpress platform and specifically the dot.org wordpress platform, as opposed to the wordpress.com platform.

Whats the difference between the two?

With wordpress.com, you can only post content onto it, which is allowed under the terms and conditions of the wordpress.com platform. It gives you severely restricted control, whereas…

having a blog on the wordpress.org platform, means that you own the blog itself, because you pay for it to be hosted and because you pay for it, it then becomes your ‘hub’ or for want of a better expression, your office in the sky.It becomes one of two things you own online and is the difference between being an affiliate for company X and a business owner in your own right, believe me, the latter is better : 0

Search Engine Optimisation

By having your own blog, it also allows you to set it up, so you can found by the search engines, which trawl regularly for good content.Now to set up your blog for this requires a few plugins and a google analytics account, which can be time consuming setting up.

The blog you get with Pure Leverage has already been configured for that, so all you need to do is add good relevant content to your blog, so you attract the type of client you wish for


Your Pure Leverage blog, is by default and definition an authority blog. so its a blog that google will automatically be looking for along with other search engines. Authority blogs, again are ranked quite highly by the search engines, so as long as your content is good and relevant, then you will attract new visitors and clients on a daily basis.

Marketing Tools

if you are a business owner, you’ll be aware of the need to get your business in front of as many eyeballs as is possible, which is essential to keeping you ahead of the competition

Pure Leverage, has all the marketing suite of tools, you need to achieve that and which can be found below

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One of the major benefits of using Pure Leverage is that, it makes your ‘work’ as a marketer that much easier and that has to be good in anyones book.


Now, taking things one stage further, you will also know that facebook is the largest social network on the planet, it also happens to be a huge advertising platform as well for all type of business.

Pure Leverage, has what is considered to be the industries finest, cutting edge tools for business owners who have fanpages, which above makes your online ‘work’ that much easier and still gives you control of your own work.

Talking of Fanpages, as a user of facebook, you’ll get access to the most comprehensive Fanpage marketing guide available, among the many benefits the guide has, it shows your how to maximise your fanpage, so that it gets found in search engines. Did you know that a very high percentage of fanpage owners, are missing out on vital traffic, simply because they are not doing one or two massively important things.Incidentally you can find out how to access the fanpage guide, simply by subscribing to the right of this post.

So that conludes this post on why you need a Pure Leverage blog

Have you created YOUInc?

What is YOUInc?

Now you might be wondering what on earth is YOUInc is. Well this explanation will help you understand.

In simple terms, YOUinc, YOU branding yourself in your own speciality niche. Now that Niche can be anything, that you have specialist knowledge in EG; You could be a tax consultant, a solicitor, a blogger, or as in my case, a freelance marketing consultant, its anything YOU do, its YOUR business, as opposed to being an affiliate / rep of company X


How do you brand YOUinc

Now by creating YOUinc, you build credibility through your blog posts, which in turn as long as you are writing for the right audience and they like your content, will build your list and that in turns brands you as a specialist in your own niche.

So, why brand YOU?

The reason you brand you and build your own list, is it sets you apart as A) an authority in your own niche and B) Builds you more credibility, than simply being an affiliate for company X. Now there is nothing wrong with being an affiliate for company X, or indeed Y at all, as long as you have done your own due diligence before signing up with them, making sure that when you promote them, they are not going disappear without trace, because believe it or not, that can and does happen.

For example perhaps you can relate to this. Your friend John, joins COMPANY X as an affiliate, he loves everything about the company, its in a niche he knows well and so he starts promoting it, everywhere, which includes asking you to join him in the company, because the pay plan will help you ( & him for that matter) take a close step to being financially free, not to mention provide a little extra money for paying some of those unwanted bills that crop up.

Now you decide not to join him as a distributor, but you buy some of his product, because you like him and his products are what you want.

Then… John, goes quiet and you don’t hear from him for weeks, Until…

He rings you, enthusing about COMPANY Y, because when you ask him about the company he was promoting, sheepishly he tells you they went ‘bust’. So John, because he hasn’t chosen to build YOUinc, is forced to look for another affiliate product to promote, less than a few weeks after  his first venture

However, because you chose to build YOUinc, through your own list and by having your own blog, it doesn’t matter how many affiliate products you choose to join, which subsequently fail, you still retain your credibility and authority in your niche, because you can promote any number of affiliate products to your list


Have you created YOUInc?


Traffic is a must… OPTINS are better!

You will know being an online marketer that driving traffic to your website or blog.Without it you are dead in the water, much the same as a conventional high street door is dead unless it markets its business.

There are a couple of good ways to drive traffic to your website. One is through, blogging, because your blog goes out across the globe attracting the clients you want.

The other way is through traffic exchanges.Now these are a misunderstood marketing strategy and its through that misunderstanding or not knowing how they work, that many marketers miss out on tons of free traffic, because they are either not tracking their results, or if they are tracking them, not understanding what their results are showing them.

Tracking and Traffic

Tracking and traffic exchanges used correctly, will have a very positive impact on your business in terms of optins.

Its as a result of tracking traffic that this post is written,  so that it benefits you as an online marketer, blogger, or what ever your chosen field of speciality is

Below you will find 5 traffic exchange sources, which have been tracked and tested over a good period of time and are proven to give good quality optin leads

They are

My Advertising Pays






So how have the above exchanges been tracked? ~ In simple terms, using a very good tracker, which you can find Here

This is without doubt the Internets best value for money tracker, because it actually tells you where your optins are coming from, so it saves you time in the respect that you know exactly where to focus your marketing efforts.

Tracking your efforts can stop you from having 3 bad hours and having just 1 good one.

GVO Pays again!

With Internet Marketing, it is hard enough to gain credibility, through the hordes of rubbish floating about, which is one of the main reasons you’ll love GVO / Pure Leverage.


Joel Therien, provides you, as a business owner, blogger, internet marketer, or whatever your profession happens to be, a fantastic marketing suite of tools, which are required by every business owner, and that set you apart from the masses.

Equally GVO  / PL are also very transparent in their dealings, not just with you, but their entire client base. Hardly surprising then that some of the worlds top online marketers partner with them. Another reason is the incredible compensation plan, which pays out without faily automatically on or around the middle of the month ( I  say on around the middle, because if it happens to fall on a weekend, you get paid, the Thursday before hand

This month is no exception, they have paid out yet again, direct to my bank account.I haven’t had to ask for it, it is just there.I have been notified by email

On the subject of the payplan, one of the biggest reasons you’ll like it, apart from the fact that it pays you :  ), is as you will see below from the link

Click Here

That unlike Empower Network ( Which I was promoting heavily at one point) there are no passups


Passups in case you are not familiar with the term, means that for every other person you bring on board, you don’t get paid on them, they go to your upline!

Now imagine, as does happen, that someone opts into your downline, but for what ever reason, they need to ‘really’ convince themselves its what they want to do, you may have spent hours relating your own experience to them and when they finally commit, they are then a passup, how would you feel


Relate it to a conventional sales job. You do all the work to secure a big contract, only for your mate to finish it off and take your commission :  ( it does happen

With GVO / Pure Leverage that doesn’t happen. Thanks to high converting lead Capture Pages, leads are easy to come by and in some cases, they even upgrade on their own!

So, if you would like to earn a good income online, using the simplest tools on the Internet and be taught by an Internet millionaire, simply enter your details to the right of this post.


Facebook ~ How to Schedule a fanpage post

Facebook ~ How to Schedule facebook fanpage post

The video below, shows exactly how to do this

Click Here

Did you know this existed?

It makes total sense to do this, because facebook, with over 1 billion users is where most business owners have a ‘fanpage’

If you would like to know more about, getting more clients from your fanpage, then enter your details to the right had side of this post and the tips will be sent direct to your inbox