Hi and welcome to my blog,

Let me introduce myself and explain a bit more ‘about’ me : )

My name is Dave Hayes, I am a professional online business Marketing consultant, specialising in advertising & marketing for the Small Business Sector ( including the home business owner)

I am based on the coast of the UK, about an hour away from London and am married to my dream girl!! ( Ah Bless!!!)

My interests are wide and varied, I support both Arsenal and AFC Wimbledon ( this is a long story!!), enjoy all forms of personal development and sport, including cycling, swimming, dancing and classic old british comedy.

Advertising and Marketing

Why did I choose the online advertising & marketing sector? ~ Well, having discovered the internet, waaaaayyy back in 2000, I stumbled, as you do, across the very interesting and as I was later to discover, highly addictive world of online advertising and marketing for home business owners.

I was introduced to traffic exchanges, and this was in the days before ‘social media’ was even thought about.

So with this new world, I started to market an affiliate product, global domains international on a traffic exchange called traffic swarm. Both products are still going strong today.

Global Domains International, brought me both success and …Income. Needless to say I was hooked!

I stayed with GDI for about a year, not really knowing at that time what I was doing, see there was no handbook, guide or even coaching, to show you what to do back then. Not like there is now with


However, after a year, I decided that, having looked at and understood the GDI compensation plan, that for me to earn a really decent income online ( by decent, I mean at 4 to 5 figures per month) I would need another vehicle from the same industry, because to earn a 4 or 5 figure income… Then I would need about 6,000 plus people to do this.

It was at this point, I was advised by a leading name in internet marketing (I didn’t know that at the time, but found out who he was later!) that I should do one thing and one thing only

Build my own list!

It was explained to me that by building my own list, I would make way more money from affiliate marketing, than by promoting just an affiliate product furthermore i was also shown how to attract the clients / prospects to me ~ Now, not sure about you, but… I quite liked that idea.

“Having prospects come to me! ~ Wow, now smart is that?

The vehicle I chose was Global Virtual Opportunities, in fact you can find out more about GVO / Pure Leverage, by subscribing to the right of this post

So I started learning, how to attract the clients and prospects I wanted, because one thing I had learned, is that there are an awful lot of time wasters and tyre kickers out there… I didn’t want them! (neither will you!)

I put what I was shown into practice, stopped promoting my ‘affiliate’ opportunity and focused soley on helping others, by introducing them to the proven marketing solutions I had.

Such was the success I enjoyed that I was able to leave a secure day JOB and move full time into the field of professional online advertising and marketing, setting up my own marketing consultancy.

So thats a little about me, hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts, in fact feel free to subscribe to get the latests blog updates to your inbox.You can also connect with me, via any of the social networks, shown at the top of this blog, or on



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