How to get leads through Pure Leverage authority blogging content

How to get leads through Pure Leverage authority blogging content

The video below, shows how leads subscribe to your authority blog content and are  shown in your email account

What is an authority blog?

An authority blog is a blog that provides solutions for online marketers specific problems, which are usually lack of leads.

It is also without doubt, the best form of attraction marketing that there is online, because the blog will have the solution to your particular marketing problem

Authority blogs are long as they are written intelligently and articulately, present and position you as a specialist in  in your specific niche.

They attract new clients to you, which is far better than having to cold call people, or worst case scenario, bug your mum, dad, brother and entire family.

Your blog post, once written, is ‘out there’ in cyber space ( now theres a scary thought!) for all to see

However, it works for you, because its working for you 24/7/365 even while you sleep and, as you’ll see from the video above, attracts leads to you even at 3am in the morning!



Google and other search engines love authority blogs, because they usually contain the content their spiders are looking for.

Spiders is the term used for crawling the next, because they spread far and wide looking for authority blogs first and these take more importance than other normal wordpress blogs.

So by definition, when people put search terms into google and other search engines, the theory is, as long as your blog has the right title, then it gets picked out, before other non authority blogs


Lead Generation

Authority blogs make lead generation that much easier, because as long as the content solves the readers marketing issue and they want more of the same.They susbcribe

Again, you’lll have seen eveidence of that in the video above


So thats how to get leads through Pure Leverage blogging content.

You can find out how to get your own authority blog, by subscribing to the right of this post