A recommended surfing strategy that produces results

Now one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website, is by surfing traffic exchanges

Traffic exchanges!!! ~ But they don’t work and are a waste of time… Aren’t they?

The short answer is, they do work and they are not a waste of time, at all, provided you use them the right way, but more on that later, because this post is all about a good recommended surfing strategy. One that works and produces results

Read on and find out more, because this is my way of doing things, my results are tracked, so I write this post with complete confidence, knowing that, if you follow it, you will get the same results as I am getting on a daily basis

I use 3 main sources of traffic exchange, you can find those on another post on this blog.

This strategy is done daily ~ Without fail : )

First of all, I use the firefox browser and have a few tabs open at the same time.

The surfing is done in this order.

I login into powesurfcentral and surf the 3 main exchanges for 200 pages on each one

Now at the same time as this, I also login to zubeezone and from the games section, select the tab which says 15% bonus site. This is surfed at the same time as the powersurfcentral sites and I surf this throughout the day at different intervals, along with the bonus sites of the day from zubee zone, once I have finished my surfing at powersurfcentral

Over the course of the day, you’ll surf, way more than 250 sites on zubeezone, and at the same time you will be rewarded for your surfing, with extra credits and coins, which can be redeemed for cash.

Finally, I then surf 10 ads daily at My Advertising pays, because this traffic exchange, will pay you 95% profit share every 20 minutes without fail.


From PowersurfCentral and MAP, you will get very definate leads, optins and conversions to your autoresponder list

Now this strategy has been used or the last few months consistently, with the results happening on a daily basis.

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