Why you need a Pure Leverage blog

Why you need a Pure Leverage blog

This question was asked of me the other day, which prompted me to think, well other people might well be thinking the same thing, especially bloggers : ) and Network / Multi Level Marketers

So this post is created, for you as a reader, if that same thought has crossed your  mind

Now.if you are marketing online, then you need a ‘central hub’ from which to work, something thats yous, something you own. that ‘something’ is your own blog.Your blog, needs to be on the wordpress platform and specifically the dot.org wordpress platform, as opposed to the wordpress.com platform.

Whats the difference between the two?

With wordpress.com, you can only post content onto it, which is allowed under the terms and conditions of the wordpress.com platform. It gives you severely restricted control, whereas…

having a blog on the wordpress.org platform, means that you own the blog itself, because you pay for it to be hosted and because you pay for it, it then becomes your ‘hub’ or for want of a better expression, your office in the sky.It becomes one of two things you own online and is the difference between being an affiliate for company X and a business owner in your own right, believe me, the latter is better : 0

Search Engine Optimisation

By having your own blog, it also allows you to set it up, so you can found by the search engines, which trawl regularly for good content.Now to set up your blog for this requires a few plugins and a google analytics account, which can be time consuming setting up.

The blog you get with Pure Leverage has already been configured for that, so all you need to do is add good relevant content to your blog, so you attract the type of client you wish for


Your Pure Leverage blog, is by default and definition an authority blog. so its a blog that google will automatically be looking for along with other search engines. Authority blogs, again are ranked quite highly by the search engines, so as long as your content is good and relevant, then you will attract new visitors and clients on a daily basis.

Marketing Tools

if you are a business owner, you’ll be aware of the need to get your business in front of as many eyeballs as is possible, which is essential to keeping you ahead of the competition

Pure Leverage, has all the marketing suite of tools, you need to achieve that and which can be found below

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One of the major benefits of using Pure Leverage is that, it makes your ‘work’ as a marketer that much easier and that has to be good in anyones book.


Now, taking things one stage further, you will also know that facebook is the largest social network on the planet, it also happens to be a huge advertising platform as well for all type of business.

Pure Leverage, has what is considered to be the industries finest, cutting edge tools for business owners who have fanpages, which above makes your online ‘work’ that much easier and still gives you control of your own work.

Talking of Fanpages, as a user of facebook, you’ll get access to the most comprehensive Fanpage marketing guide available, among the many benefits the guide has, it shows your how to maximise your fanpage, so that it gets found in search engines. Did you know that a very high percentage of fanpage owners, are missing out on vital traffic, simply because they are not doing one or two massively important things.Incidentally you can find out how to access the fanpage guide, simply by subscribing to the right of this post.

So that conludes this post on why you need a Pure Leverage blog

Pure Leverage ~ What a marketing system!


GVO, Global Virtual Opportunities… What an awesome marketing suite of tools, they provide for any marketer online : )

They just paid me… again! ~ Just for doing a little ‘promotion’ work

Established in 1999, GVO is considered to be an evergreen product, by that I mean, they are not about to disappear anytime soon, as so many opportunities do.

You may, be aware, you may not be aware, but to be successful online, you need to do one thing only and thats build a list.. your own list.

There are NO passups with GVO, unlike there are with Empower Network and similar opportunities.

The fact is, that most people who look to start an online business, will do so the wrong way round, because they will be drawn to an affiliate marketing opportunity they like & promote that, often spending hours doing so, in return for very little reward.

In some cases, the opportunity for different reasons shuts down, with it going the marketers income, simply because, they built their business the wrong way round.

What is the wrong way round? ~ They failed to focus on building their own list, using a reputable autoresponder

This is where GVO comes into its own, because it provides you with the facility and the ability to build your own list, and also has an excellent pay plan, which pays you as wide and as deep as you want to go.

The video below explains exactly how the payplan works


FACT: In the first 18 days, they paid out over a million dollars ($1,000,000 ) in commissions

so Pure Leverage is doing something right, quite clearly and they pay out on time, everytime, without you having to request any money

However, there is also one critical element, which you must provide, an element which will set you aside from the other 97% of online marketers

That critical element is…

You must follow this… Now that sounds harsh, but the majority of marketers, still jump from opportunity to opportunity and in doing so, fail to make any real money

With Pure Leverage, take 21 days to understand and learn how it works, using that time to promote it, through a proven system ( the proven system by the way can be accessed by entering your details to the right hand side of this post)

In finishing, you may have tried ( Like I have) different autoresponders over the course of time, Pure Leverage is by far the best suite of marketing tools available, that said, you may already have an autoresponder you currently use, such as AWeber, or GetResponse

If you do thats fine, lots of people do run those alongside Pure Leverage ( I was one of them!, but then migrated my lists to PL as it made total sense to do so)

Thats it for now, hope you enjoyed the post and have a great day

Oh yes… Don’t forget, if you’d like to access the system which shows you how to earn $125 a day online, then simply enter your details to the right of this post : )