Why building your own list online is essential!

So why is building your own list online essential?

The short answer is… To give you control over your income : 0

Why do you need control over your income?

The reason is this.To protect yourself.

You see the vast majority of online marketers promote affiliate products, which belong to a company, and so are effectively reps for that company.

Now there is nothing wrong with promoting affiliate products, as long as the company has been established a while and likely to be around for a while yet.

However, there are many examples of companies who have decided to pull out of the industry they are in, which means, when that happens, the affiliates who have aligned themselves to that company, find their income gone.

But, if you are smart, you focus on building you, your brand and your own list.


First, you need people to buy you, through the know, like and trust.

Then you need to brand yourself in whatever area holds your interest

Finally you need to have your own list

Having your own list, lets you do the following…

Build your own brand,

Build credibilty

Add business opportunities into your portfolio and promote them, without it appearing that you are ‘biz opp hopping’

Yet astonishingly, the vast majority(about 97%) of online business marketers/affiliate marketers fail to do this and so leave themselves wide open to looking for the ‘next best thing in the biz oppo world’

So the best way to avoid all this happening to you, is to build your brand, using your list.

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