Why its called online marketing

Why its called online marketing

This post focuses on why online marketing is called online marketing

The simple reality is that it is just that… you are marketing online

Not opportunity selling

plain and simple online marketing or online advertising, if you prefer

Yes, you will have an opportunity you wish to grow and earn from, but just as in the real world, that business has to be promoted and advertised. Then it grows

Its a little bit like social networking, you do exactly that, network socially. You don’t network sell

People buy people first, they buy through the know like and trust, which leads to recommendations

Get this right and help people, the rest is absolute childs play, it really is

Marketing and Advertising benefits

This is how you are going to be earning money through your online marketing efforts by recommending good resources to other marketers / business owners, which are known to be responsive and give good optins

One of the best ways of doing this is through a blog post such as this and if its on an authority wordpress blog such as this pure leverage one then its going to be ranked high in the search engines and get foound

Alternatively, you can share your blog with other marketers, by asking them to read a certain post or you can share it out via your facebook fanpage.

Sharing it through your fanpage, means it will also get shared directly onto twitter as well

But that is why its called online marketing