WOW 176,000 Followers to the fanpage system

Now you would have to agree, that that figure is awesome by anyone standards

176 000 followers on the Fan Page!

And… yes this system again because it still is the most profitable and highly converting system I have ever used in over 15 years online!!


The FPS still averages over 2000 members a month and well honestly it has been many months since I even talked about the Fan Page System.

Because of collaborative efforts,..  making daily like, love, comments and most importantly shares and us paying for your ads we continue to get bigger and bigger.

Our reach is now averaging nearly 14 000 people per post organically and then another 50 000 or more when we boost them

The Fanpage System is Growing, and Growing and Growing… and um GROWING!!

As I have always said.. the Fan Page is a 60 to 90 day commitment. Here is why that commitment is needed..

People are people and psychologically they go through a process..

That process is:

Skeptics > Skeptical Curious > Curious > Engaged > Customers > raving fans.

You have no idea how many people regularly hit me up on Facebook and say..

 “Joel, I have been following you for years. Today I became a customer”


Skeptics are moving from being Skeptical Curious to being totally engaged. Now from engaged to actual buyers and fans!!

The Fan Page System is about the “Average Marketer” making something work for them and WOW it is working!!

Please… if you still don’t understand what I am talking about watch the latest webinar replay here

So just a gentle reminder that you can get your own free system, simply by clicking on the banner to the top right of this blog